Airline Solutions & Consulting Services

Aviation Consultancy

The Swiss Aviation Group provides a one stop solution for all your consultancy and advisory needs.

With Swiss Aviation Group you have found your one stop & shop fleet solution provider. We search the market for you or offer aircraft from our own fleet portfolio. From sourcing to fleet management to remarketing or fleet restructuring... All from one source -> Swiss Aviation Group.

Maintenance, Crewing & Training for your planned or current operation are also available.

The individual building blocks are combined up to Full Fleet Management outsourced to us in order to get a calculated hourly cost & associated dispatch reliablilty per hour.

Do you want to focus on Route & Network development? Then talk to us for full details.

Flight Operations outsourcing or ACMI / wet-lease or pay by the hour aircraft solutions, we tailor especially for you.

Airline Turn-around

Our Team of Specialists is available to audit and analyze the complete administration and operations of any airline and provide a thorough assessment of shortcomings, deficiencies and non-compliances as well as profound recommendations for the way forward.

Based on its findings the team is capable of recommending short term stop gap measures and developing a long term business model to salvage and reposition the airline.

Add on top also, your...

Fleet or individual aircraft insurance

As part of our fleet insurance we are able to provide lower insurance cost for all your aircraft, wheter old or new, existing or future aircraft in your fleet.

Swiss Aviation Group's experienced professionals are always available to give you the best advise on all your insurance needs and are ready to assist to obtain the necessary cover for your fleet, crew and passengers.

Successful projects & clients

• Airbus Industries, Toulouse, France, Aircraft Manufacturing
  ATR, Toulouse, France, Aircraft Manufacturing
• Lufthansa Consulting, Frankfurt/M., Germany, Airline Consulting
• Lufthansa Technik, Frankfurt/M., Germany, Aircraft Maintenance
• British Midland BMI, Castle Donnington, UK, Airline, Aircraft Leasing
• Air Atlanta Icelandic, Kopavogur, Iceland, Airline
• TAG Aviation, Geneva, Switzerland, Execuitve Aircraft Maintenance & Repair
• Pegasus Airlines, Istanbul, Turkey, Airline
• Tailwind Airlines, Istanbul, Turkey, Airline
• Ural Works of Civil Aviation, Ekaterinenburg, Russia, Helicopter Maintenance
• Meelad Air, Athens, Greece
• Falko Aircraft Leasing, U.K., Aircraft Leasing & Sales
• Terem Ltd, Sofia, Bulgaria, Helicopter Maintenance & Repair
• DoTec Gmbh, Memmingerberg, Germany, Aircraft Maintenance & Repair
• Translux Airlines, Luxembourg, Cargo Airline
• Izair, Izmir, Turkey, Airline
• Yemenia, Sana’a, Yemen, Airline
• Bremenfly GmbH, Bremen, Germany, Airline
• Swiss Capital Group, Zurich, Switzerland, Finance & Venture Capital
• Banco Kwanza Invest, Luanda, Angola, Finance & Investments
• SkySolutions, Mexico City, Mexico, Aviation Services
• Aerocondor, Lima, Peru, Airline