Airline Start-Up & Fleet Expansion

Airline / AOC Start-Up

Our dedicated team of experienced airline managers will help your airline project to take-off. On any continent or location.
We deliver everything, from needed software or staff to aircraft matching your route and cost requirements per ASK.

Ad-Interim Management & Expansion support

Specialists from Swiss Aviation Group’s pool of dedicated aviation professionals are available to provide required management resources to any airline in need of additional ad-interim or permanent management capacity for expansion, turn around or just on a short term basis to stand in for personnel that may be temporarily unavailable due to illness, maternity leave etc.

Add on top also, your...

Fleet or individual aircraft insurance

As part of our fleet insurance we are able to provide lower insurance cost for all your aircraft, wheter old or new, existing or future aircraft in your fleet.

Swiss Aviation Group's experienced professionals are always available to give you the best advise on all your insurance needs and are ready to assist to obtain the necessary cover for your fleet, crew and passengers.