Full Lifecycle AAM

The Swiss Aviation Group provides tailored solutions including:

Asset Management: We manage aircraft encompassing the whole lifespan in order to maximize a steady stream of returns and creating value.

Risk monitoring: Quantitative and qualitative analysis on the aircrafts market position within its lifecycle, combining intelligence on, the cash flow, the asset value, the lessee, lessor- lessee contractual issues, the MRO, actual technical and record status, a.s.o.…

Maintenance supervision: In conjunction with our CAMO and MRO partners we are able to handle all MX related aspects. i.e. maintenance reserves, technical inspections and ensuring correct documentation standards, managing missed insurance claims and thus helping the Lessors or Lessees to get the Asset returned in appropriate condition.

These services are part of our pre- to post acquisition support.

Remarketing is assured as an Add-On in a timely manner, throughout our vast network and experience in the Market.

We also do repossessions or refurbishments on request.